Houston is known as one of the food capitals of the United States and is renowned for its distinctive, diverse cultural dishes. However, whether the food is being cooked in top quality restaurants or in private homes according to recipes passed down for generations, the key to great culinary success is in starting with fresh, delicious produce and other ingredients. A great way to keep those ingredients in top form is with produce misting systems.

What Are Produce Misting Systems?

Produce misting systems are common in supermarkets, grocery stores, and other locations where fresh produce is sold. They consist of a network of tubes that surround the produce with high pressure nozzles interspersed throughout. Then at regular intervals the nozzles release a fine mist onto the produce. There are a number of very important benefits of produce misting including the following:

The Benefits of Produce Misting

  • Extends shelf life of produce
  • Improves produce appearance
  • Improves cooling
  • Preserves moisture
  • Prevents shrinkage and shriveling
  • Keeps colors more vibrant
  • Enhances and maintains overall quality

It’s important to be aware that fresh produce is still alive and even respiring (breathing), which plays a role in fruit and vegetables ripening and taking on their characteristic flavor. Like all living things fresh produce requires moisture and water to thrive. Without it many types of produce will rapidly wither and quickly take on an unpleasant flavor. Produce misting solves these problems and helps produce look and taste its best for chefs and end consumers!

Houston Misting Is an Expert in Produce Misting Systems

Houston Misting is an expert in designing, installing, and maintaining misting equipment including produce misting systems. We will design and install the system to best fit the needs of the market or store where it will be set up. Another great advantage is that these systems are fully automated, requiring no extra work from grocers and employees, and thus freeing busy workers to focus on other tasks. Houston Misting is excited to install these excellent systems for customers and thus to be a small part of what makes Houston food so special and delicious!