Mosquitoes, flies, spiders, and other intrusive insects are equal opportunity pests who will plague even the nicest homes and neighborhoods. Often even great care and meticulous cleaning will not be enough to eliminate a pest infestation once it takes hold in a home. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s also nothing to tolerate. Fortunately there is a solution: professional residential pest control from the experts at Houston Misting.

Houston Misting Performs Dependable Residential Pest Control

No one likes pests. Depending on the type of pest they will bite you, your family and pets, create unsanitary conditions and spread disease. They could even cause structural damage to the home, or lower your property’s value. Houston area residents need a pest control company they can trust. Houston Misting is that company.

Residential Pest Control Services

  • Insect misting systems
  • Professional installation
  • Maintenance and service options
  • Emergency services
  • Pest extermination and removal

Houston Misting is committed to full-service pest control. We understand that our customers need immediate service and that they also need to understand how to prevent recurrences. That is why we will identify the source of the problem and help you come up with a way to eliminate it once and for all. If you decide on an insect misting system we will also be on hand every step of the way from designing and installing the systems, to providing refills and performing any necessary maintenance and repairs.

Houston Misting Makes Homes Pest Free

Houston families take pride in their residences and they deserve pest-free homes that provide comfort and peace, not biting, scratching, or scurrying. At Houston Misting we won’t rest until that peace and enjoyment have been returned to our customers’ homes. We emphasize safety, professionalism, and effective treatment. Don’t spend another day with annoying pests.