The Houston area is infamous for its hot, humid weather. Unfortunately sweating isn’t the only problem Houstonians have to endure when they go outside; our climate is also perfectly suited for the breeding and proliferation of mosquitoes. Mosquito bites are itchy and painful, but more than that mosquitoes may also transmit dangerous diseases.

Houston Misting offers a line of high quality mosquito misting systems that are designed to protect a specific area and the people within it. However, we understand that these large-scale systems may not be ideal for everyone. For example it could be that the mosquito sufferer is moving through many areas and cannot count on a stationary system. Fortunately we have a solution for this need as well: personal mosquito control.

What Is Personal Mosquito Control?

Personal mosquito control systems such as backpack sprayers are designed to protect an individual from bites without requiring larger systems that take more time and money to install and maintain. Personal mosquito control systems are a great, low-hassle immediate solution.

Benefits of Personal Mosquito Control

  • Highly targeted
  • Cost effective
  • Ease of use
  • Fast results

The smaller, targeted nature of a personal mosquito control system means that less insecticide and other resources are being used. It also ensures that the immediate area around the individual is protected from mosquitoes without needlessly spraying uninhabited areas. Personal mosquito control systems also allow people to target mosquito hotspots and breeding zones that may require urgent, extra attention.

Houston Misting is committed to fighting mosquitoes in the Houston area using an array of tools and resources, including personal mosquito control. Houston Misting is also continuously innovating and keeping a keen eye out for new, effective mosquito control products for our customers. Whatever your mosquito control needs, Houston Misting has you covered.