Pests create a variety of problems for their human or animal hosts including painful, sometimes venomous bites, the risk of spreading disease, and damage to property, food, or livestock. On a basic level pests simply create an unpleasant environment that impedes fun, productivity, and regular daily life. Houston Misting understands how frustrating pests are and we are committed to providing outstanding pest control services.

Mosquito Extermination– When you are in the midst of a full-blown mosquito infestation you don’t have time to waste. You need immediate mosquito extermination to destroy these bloodsucking pests. You also need high-quality, well-trained professionals who can help identify the source of the outbreak and help prevent the problem from reoccurring. Houston Misting provides these high level mosquito extermination services.

Personal Mosquito Control – Sometimes a mosquito problem may not have reached the point that an entire area or building needs extermination service, yet individuals may wish to protect themselves against mosquitoes. Houston Misting’s personal mosquito control services provide the answer by equipping customers with targeted, easy-to-use personal mosquito control equipment.

General Pest Control – Whether your pest problem is due to a swarm of mosquito, a nest of spiders, or a fly infestation, Houston Misting has you covered. Our general pest control options are ideal for a range of pest problems and can be customized to fit your particular situation.

Commercial Pest Control – Pests create a very unsafe, unappealing, and unprofessional working environment. They may bite customers or employees, damage products or equipment, or even violate safety and health regulations. Houston Misting’s commercial pest control services will quickly and effectively solve the pest problem so that you can go back to business as usual.

Residential Pest Control– Pests create a hazard for families and individuals, especially if one of the people is elderly, a young child, or is already immune compromised. Pests may even infect your pets with deadly diseases like heartworm. Houston Misting is committed to helping you take back your home and restore it to the sanctuary that it should be with our residential pest control services.

Emergency Services – Sometimes pest emergencies strike at the worst possible time, like in the middle of the night or during weekends. Yet, depending on the severity of the emergency you may not be able to wait until normal business hours. That’s why Houston Misting offers the same great services on an emergency basis as needed.