Houstonians take pride in their homes and properties and they are always eager to do whatever it takes to help them look their best. Houston Misting is pleased to be able to assist with this worthy endeavor with our beautiful mistscaping options.

What Is Mistscaping?

Mistscaping refers to a specialized type of property improvement similar in some ways to landscaping. As with landscaping the goal is to draw positive attention to an area and highlight its best features. Mistscaping accomplishes this goal through the use of misting equipment by releasing a fine mist at strategic locations. Two key areas of mistscaping are pool fog and mistscaping risers.

Pool Fog – As the name implies pool fog creates an attractive, exotic fog around a pool. This gives it a beautiful, lush appearance, making it seem almost as though the pool area is an elegant clearing in a rainforest or tropical resort. The fog misting equipment itself can be designed and installed with a minimal amount of visibility to further add to the effect and prevent the illusion from being ruined by the visible presence of piping and sprayers.

Mistscaping Risers – Mistscaping risers are pieces of equipment which can be discreetly added to gardens, lawns, walkways, and water fixtures to create an attractive, mist-like fog. Once again this helps evoke a sense of lush beauty and gives the garden or lawn a healthy, verdant appearance.

The Benefits of Mistscaping

Mistscaping is popular with Houstonians because the effects and aesthetics created by mistscaping are very much in line with the luscious lawns and gardens and elegant pools commonly found throughout the city. Yet mistscaping enhances the effect and brings out the natural beauty of the pool or garden. Some of the many benefits of mistscaping include the following:

  • Creates an exotic atmosphere
  • Gives pools a luxurious, resort-style appearance
  • Enhances and highlights lawn and landscaping beauty
  • High quality, professional installation

Houston Misting is proud to offer this high quality service to our Houston area customers. All mistscaping is performed by qualified, experienced professionals who are committed to quality and outstanding service.