Summer is a time when things slow down, kids are out of school, and many people decide to have barbecues, cookouts, pool parties, and other outdoor events. It is a time of fun and relaxation to be enjoyed with friends and family. However, the Houston area heat can quickly make even the most enthusiastic summer partiers think twice about going outdoors. Fortunately Houston Misting is determined to get the party back on track and we have the perfect way to beat the summer heat: residential mist cooling systems.

What Are Residential Mist Cooling Systems?

A mist cooling system consists of a system of piping and nozzles set up around the area to be cooled. The specially designed, high-pressure nozzles atomize water into a very fine mist and a fan then typically blows that mist, dispersing throughout the area. This in turn cools the surrounding air because the mist of tiny water droplets is rapidly evaporated which releases the heat energy in the air.

The cool mist may also in some cases make direct contact with the people in the area. In this instance it works to cool people very similarly to the body’s own natural cooling system: sweating. However, there are some added perks to mist cooling as opposed to sweating. In both cases the skin and body are cooled as the moisture evaporates. However, with mist cooling the water droplets are so tiny that they evaporate more readily, allowing the person to cool off more quickly. The water in the mist cooling system is also free of scents and odors and less likely to make the person feel sticky or uncomfortable. In fact most people find the sensation of the mist on their skin very refreshing and pleasant.

Benefits of Mist Cooling Systems for Houston Residents

  • Perfect for poolside parties
  • Patios are more comfortable for barbecues and grilling
  • Kids will love the cooling breeze
  • Yardwork is easier and more pleasant
  • Great accessory for sunning and tanning
  • Many more!

The above list is just a sample of some of the many benefits of installing a personal mist cooling system in your yard. The bottom line is that a mist cooling system will make the full range of outdoor activities – from yardwork, gardening, and chores to parties, cookouts, and poolside fun – much more enjoyable and comfortable.

Houston Misting is a professional, experienced installer of mist cooling systems dedicated to great customer service and satisfaction. Our experts ensure that the system is optimally placed, correctly installed, and functioning perfectly. We also handle all aspects of maintenance and repairs.