The Houston area is notorious for its sweltering heat and sunny weather. That is why just about all residents and businesses rely heavily on indoor air conditioning. However, while this is a great option for many companies, some business require their customers or employees to be outdoors due to the nature of the business itself. Thus they simply do not have the luxury of air conditioning and must figure out another way to beat the heat. Houston Misting has the solution: industrial and commercial mist cooling systems.

What Are Mist Cooling Systems?

A mist cooling system is a network of piping with high pressured nozzles attached. The nozzles atomize water and spray it out in a very fine, small mist, often with the aid of fans to further distribute it. This water vapor is then evaporated into the surrounding air and thus cools it. It will also directly cool people’s skin if they come into contact with the cooling mist in a similar manner to the way sweat cools the skin through evaporation. However, unlike with sweating with mist cooling systems there is no body odor or sticky residue left behind.

Industrial and Commercial Areas That Can Benefit from Mist Cooling Systems

  • Industrial plants and factories
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Stables and barns
  • Restaurant patios
  • Parks and recreation centers
  • Many more!

The above is a partial list of commercial and industrial businesses and facilities that can benefit from mist cooling systems. In fact the possibilities are almost limitless since just about any business with some outdoor components can benefit from the cooling effects of a mist system. These systems are ideal to cool down both customers and employees as well as to make the general area more comfortable.

Houston Misting is an industry leader in mist cooling systems. We will help you determine the best placement and location for you new mist cooling system, ensure that its efficacy is maximized, perform a thorough professional installation, and handle all aspects of maintenance and repairs as needed. Discover for yourself why mist cooling systems are great for business!