In Tomball, TX, and Other Areas Around Houston

Houston enjoys a great deal of warm, sunny weather. However, come summer time – and all too often spring time and fall too – Houstonians begin to do anything but enjoy the sunny climate as the heat turns oppressive and even everyday outdoor activities start to feel like major chores. Fortunately, Houston Misting has the solution: mist cooling system.

Mist cooling systems consist of a network of water lines and high pressure spray nozzles that release a very fine mist of water vapor into the environment. This quickly and effectively cools people down and provides immediate relief from the heat. Children and adults alike will enjoy the refreshing, pleasant mist.

Industrial & Commercial Mist Cooling Services – Houston Misting understands that not all Houston area businesses have the luxury of operating in an air conditioned environment. Some work may need to be done outdoors or in other large open areas. Our mist cooling systems will help keep your employees and customers cool and create a more pleasant work and business environment.

Residential Mist Cooling – Our residential mist cooling systems are a welcome addition at outdoor parties, cookouts, and barbecues. These heat-beating systems are also perfect for poolside or patio fun and relaxation. Residential mist cooling systems can even be installed and customized to be hidden from view, providing the same great benefits without clashing with your decor.