Spiders are one of the most feared creatures in the world. They routinely make “top 10 lists” of most common phobias, often taking home the number one slot. Though it is true that most species of spiders are harmless to humans, some are indeed quite dangerous or even deadly. Thus a fear of spiders is a logical, healthy adaptation. In fact the Houston area has two native species of deadly spiders: the black widow and the brown recluse.

Most people would agree that never encountering a deadly spider in the first place is far preferable to finding it and killing it. Fortunately there is way to rid your property from spiders without ever having to make physical contact: spider misting.

What Is Spider Misting?

Spider misting utilizes a network of piping with specially designed nozzles occurring at strategic intervals distributed around the property, usually around its perimeter. The system is attached to a tank of pesticide formulated to kill spiders, but to be harmless to people and pets. The automated system then releases a mist of pesticide through the nozzles at regular, preset times carefully selected for maximum efficiency with minimum cost. This creates an uninhabitable zone for spiders, thereby protecting the area.

Advantages of Spider Misting

There are a variety of advantages to using a spider misting system. These advantages include:

  • Automated, no contact with spiders
  • Protects children and pets for venomous spiders
  • Can be installed in key target areas
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Expert installation

The ease, convenience, efficacy, and relative low cost of these systems makes them a popular choice for any family or individual concerned about spider infestations on their property. The experts at Houston Misting offer full service spider misting. We will design and optimize your system, professionally install it, and perform all refills, repairs, and maintenance as needed. Our goal is to help you create a spider-free home.