Flies are universally regarded as disgusting pests, and for the most part their reputation is very well deserved. They are naturally attracted to some of the most unsanitary substances imaginable including garbage, decaying animals, and excrement. This in turn means that they often carry disease spreading pathogens, germs, and bacteria. The knowledge of where the typical fly has been and what feeding habits it keeps makes them extremely unwelcome at outdoor barbecues, picnics, and other gatherings where food will be. Flies are also a nuisance to livestock and once again a common culprit in the spread of animal disease.

The Challenges of Defeating Flies

Fly infestations can be very difficult to eliminate once they take hold. That is because as disgusting and primitive as flies are, they are very well adapted to survival. For example consider the following:

  • Flies breed very quickly, less than 2 weeks.
  • Flies are very prolific. A single breeding ground can produce tens of thousands of flies.
  • Individual flies are notoriously hard to swat.
  • Flies can smell food sources from over 750 yards away.

Despite these challenges flies can be defeated, especially with the use of professional extermination methods. One particularly effective way to kill flies and interrupt their life cycle is with fly misting.

What Is Fly Misting?

Fly misting involves releasing a fine mist of insecticide specially formulated to kill flies but be safe for people and animals. The mist is released at predetermined times and intervals throughout the day. This is facilitated by a network of pipes and nozzles that is setup around the areas that are to be protected from flies. The system is attached to a tank of insecticide and the spray is automatically released through the nozzles without requiring any active effort or attention from people. This automated approach makes the system highly effective, easy to use, and immune to human errors such as forgetting to spray or spraying too much or too little.

Houston Misting is an industry leader in fly and pest control. We will professionally install, supply, and maintain your fly misting system, making the entire process as easy and hassle free for you as possible.