Nearly everyone would agree that when it comes to insect pests it’s preferable to avoid contact altogether than to have to fight them off – and endure their painful, often dangerous bites in the process – after they have already infested an area. An extremely effective, low-cost, easy method of doing precisely that is with insect misting. Insect misting systems are designed to create an uninhabitable safe zone around an area that is toxic to insects yet perfectly safe for people, pets, and livestock.

Mosquito Misting – Mosquitoes can spread dangerous diseases such as West Nile, Chikungunya, Malaria and many others. Experts agree that the best way to avoid contracting these mosquito-borne diseases is by preventing exposure to mosquitoes in the first place. Mosquito misting allows families and individuals to protect themselves.

Spider Misting – The Houston area is home to two native deadly spiders: the black widow and the brown recluse. In addition to these two dangerous spiders there are a host of other species which, while not necessarily dangerous may intimidate people and create unpleasant living or work environments. Houston Misting’s spider misting services kill these eight-legged pests before they can strike.

Fly Misting – Flies feed on some truly disgusting food sources including garbage, feces, decaying animals, and more. No one wants these nasty bugs anywhere near them, especially since they too may carry disease. Fly misting is the perfect solution to effectively kill flies without the inconvenience and difficulty of trying to swat them one by one.

Deer Misting – The deer breeding industry is an important source of income for many Texans and an indispensable source of recreation for countless others. However, flies, ticks, and other insects often prey on deer, infecting them with diseases and making their lives miserable. Deer misting is an effective way to protect deer from these pests despite challenges such as large enclosure size and other complicating factors.