It is common to think of pests as mosquitoes, flies, spiders, ticks, and other small insects and indeed these little bugs can cause big problems. However, not all pests are tiny insects. Unwanted rodents, small animals, or even large feral hogs are an all too common occurrence throughout the Houston area. Advantage Home Solutions can assist with animal removal.

Problems Associated with Rogue Animals

  • Property damage
  • Spread of disease
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • May be dangerous
  • Could attract larger predators

Rodents are notorious for chewing up electrical wiring, destroying insulation, and even causing structural damage. The fleas they carry are even believed to have been responsible for the Bubonic Plague in Europe during the Middle Ages and to this day they continue to spread disease and create bio hazards wherever they go. Just as frighteningly rodents and small animals are known to attract larger, physically threatening predators.

Often there is little-to-no warning whatsoever before these wild animals infest a home, business, or warehouse. One day they just show up and start causing trouble. The longer they are left unchecked, however, the more opportunity they have to breed and take an even stronger hold over the property. Quick removal is essential.

Advantage Home Solutions Handles Animal Removal

Advantage Home Solutions offers fast, reliable, and thorough animal removal services. Whether the creature is a little mouse or a hulking feral hog, Advantage Home Solutions has the experience, expertise, and resources to get the animal out of your property quickly and safely.

The Benefits of Advantage Home Solutions Animal Removal Services

  • Emergency services available
  • Helps minimize disruption
  • Experienced and well trained professionals
  • Reasonable rates
  • Thorough and effective service

Advantage Home Solutions understands that wild animals don’t respect working hours. That is why we have emergency services available and strive to keep our rates reasonable and affordable. Our customers can count on us to get the animal out and get them back to their daily lives quickly and efficiently.