Holiday lighting

There’s nothing like coming home and seeing your house beautifully lit up with holiday lights after a long day to fire up your Christmas spirit. It’s our goal to give you those warm fuzees evetime you turn the corner and see your home. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the old fashioned Charlie Brown multi color lights, or if you just love the pure glow of a warm white bulbs. We have every type of bulb in any color sequence you can ask for. Maybe you’re looking for something more modern like a pixel tree, we’ve got you covered! Speaking of trees, we love wrapping trees with led strand lights! Some people already know what they want and others want us to handle the designing, either way our goal is to give you what you want. 


Outdoot lighting

Outdoor lighting is an incredible product and I’ll tell you why! There’s no other product that will change your home or commercial building in so many different ways. Outdoor illumination sets your home or commercial building apart from the rest, it adds curb appeal and style, as well as an additional level of security. With the recent advancements in LED technology we’re able to setup zones, control the intensity, and the color of each low voltage fixture independently.

Yeah this all sounds impressive but what does that mean to you? 

 This means we now have the ability to create immersive outdoor lighting that adds layers of texture, depth, and vibrancy like never before! With our wifi controlled transformers we can utilize the calendrer feature to plan lighting scenes that coordinate with events. Want to show your spouse they’re important? We’ll design a special scene for your anniversary or their birthday using their favorite colors. Want to show your patriotism? We’ll create a light scene for Independence day, memorial weekend, and presidents day. Or we can integrate the low voltage outdoor lighting with your holiday lights.