What is an automatic mosquito misting system?

You might have heard someone talk about their mosquito mister, mosquito sprayer, mosquito fogger, or their fly system. It’s a system comprised of a pump, and timer, that sprays a misting concentrate through nylon tubing and nozzles installed around the perimeter of the yard and throughout the landscaping. The system is programmed to spray at the times when the target insect is most active to kill and repel unwanted pest.

Are mosquito misting systems affective?

Definitely! Our customers are always blown away by how affective our misting systems are. That’s why we offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, we know you’ll see the difference!

How much do they cost?

The cost depends on the size of your yard and what options you pick. Obviously larger yards will require more nozzles, tubing, hardware and labor, than a small yard. Then there’s the different options to consider like an analog or digital timer? Do you want, inline filtration, agitation, leak detection, or smart phone controls? There’s a lot to consider and that’s why it’s best to let us come out and give you a free design quote, but in most cases you should expect to spend over $1,700 from a licensed professional.