A Close Look at How Insect Misting Systems Work

With its warmth, humidity, and high rainfall Houston is such a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes that at times these bloodsucking pests may seem almost inescapable. Flies, spiders, ants, and an array of other insects also thrive in our climate. Fortunately the extermination industry has responded to these challenges with advanced technology such as insect misting systems and carefully formulated insecticides. What follows is a closer look at how insect misting systems work.

The Equipment

An insect misting system consists of a network of tubing lines set up around the designated area that the individual, family, or business has decided needs to be kept free of mosquitoes. Distributed along the lines are a series of high pressure nozzles, designed to release a mist of insecticide. The lines and nozzles are fed by a tank, reservoir, and agitation system that is designed to blend the insecticide to the correct concentration level and pump it through the system. The tank and agitation system will also typically incorporate safety features designed to ensure that water that has been mixed with the insecticide does not flow back out into the main water line or leak.

The Installation

Every insect misting installation is unique. There will be differences with regard to the types of insects in the area, their population levels, and owner’s goals and priorities. The area itself with also vary in terms of its local environment. For example some factors that might affect installation include:

  • Whether the area is open, and expansive like a field or if it is heavily wooded
  • Whether the area has any standing, or flowing, bodies of water
  • Whether the area is large or relatively small
  • Whether the area has any hills or other changes to its elevation

These factors will affect how long the installation takes, the amount of resources and equipment it requires, and how the system is mounted. It will also play a role in determining the distribution density of nozzles and even the formulation of insecticide used. That is why it is so important to have the insect misting system installed by a knowledgeable, well-trained professional who is experienced with the system.

Running the Insect Misting System

Insect misting systems are designed to be extremely easy to use and user friendly. The system may allow for on-demand spraying, automated spraying, or a combination. The automated option is ideal because it requires no conscious effort on the part of the system owner once it is set up. This ensures that the owner won’t accidentally forget to spray or spray too much or too little. The time of day when the spray is released can also be carefully selected to make sure that the system is active when the bugs are also most active.

The professional who is installing the system can typically help you with determining spray times, frequencies, and durations based on your particular circumstances. A good professional will also be able to help locate trouble spots that may be breeding grounds for insects and the source of infestation breakouts. The professional may also spray larvacides in these trouble areas, which are designed to kill the insect larva and break the insect life cycle.

Owning an insect misting system is an easy, affordable way to protect yourself, your family, business, or livestock from annoying, disease-spreading pests. Houston Misting is proud to offer outstanding insect misting solutions that we will customize to fit your particular needs. We also offer maintenance and emergency services to ensure that our customers get the service they need when they need it.