10 Questions to Ask When Considering a Misting System

An automatic mosquito or insect misting system can be an extremely effective, hassle-free way to protect yourself and your family from unwanted pests. However, not all systems are created equally and it is very important to get all the facts about a potential misting system before you have it installed. What follows are 10 key questions to ask when considering a misting system.

What type of chemicals will be used, repellants or insecticides?

Repellants are used to keep mosquitoes and other insects from occupying an area. By contrast insecticides don’t merely drive out the unwanted insect; they kill them. Because repellants are a more temporary solution they will usually require more frequent dispersal.

How much will installation and upfront costs be?

Installation costs are usually heavily affected by how large the area is since this will in turn affect the amount of time and labor that will be required to install the system. However, installation costs can vary significantly as can material costs. It is crucial to get a good estimate of these costs upfront so that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay.

How often will the system go off and on what schedule?

Misting systems operate by releasing their mists either on an automated, predetermined schedule or, less commonly, on an as-needed basis by the owner. Some systems may utilize both approaches, and a lot depends on the type of insects being targeted as well as the particular system and the chemicals it uses. When the system does go off it will release a burst of spray for a particular given duration of time. It is important to understand the misting schedule and duration of spray because these factors will impact operational costs and may also determine when you decide to do particular activities.

How often will I need refills?

The cost it takes to operate the system is largely influenced by how often you will need to purchase refills. Getting an estimate for how often this will occur will help you determine the true cost of running the system and will also allow you to budget accordingly. Knowing how often to expect to need refills will also allow you to plan better and avoid being caught empty.

What company manufactures the systems?

The company installing your misting system will likely not be the same company that manufactured it. Thus it is very important to find out the reputation and quality of the company that did the manufacturing.

How much experience do you have installing this type of system?

As with most things, experience matters when it comes to installing a mosquito or insect misting system. A skilled, experienced technician is more likely to spot potential problems before they occur and may also be able to give you a more accurate overview of the process and what to expect.

Do you have any referrals or other references?

Getting referrals or checking references from other customers will help you ensure that the company you are using is reputable, qualified, and committed to customer satisfaction.

Is there any type of satisfaction guarantee?

Some companies may offer a full or partial money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the system. In addition to protecting you from financial loss this is also a great sign in general because it means that the company believes in their systems and will stand behind them.

Are there any safety concerns?

Most misting systems are completely safe for families, pets, and livestock. However, any time you are having chemical brought onto your property it is important to understand all the safety ramifications. You need to know what to do if the chemicals come in direct contact with skin, or worse somehow get swallowed, and how you should handle such a situation.

What if I have a problem with the system?

Even good systems may occasionally break or suffer unintentional damage. It is important to know what to do, and what the company will do for you, if there is a problem. Does the company have emergency services or an emergency hotline you can call?

Knowing the answers to these 10 questions will go a long way toward helping you make a smarter, more informed decision about your insect misting system. Also, make sure that if you don’t understand something you ask for further clarification from the misting professional. Before proceeding with installation you should feel comfortable and confident about your new misting system.

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